Our Mission

Centrix Systems actually has a very interesting past and through many stages of evolution, has become what it is today…

Started in 1979, a company by the name of Service Engineering was founded by an engineer, Bill Callahan, Sr. Service Engineering was cutting edge, in the day, implementing Texas Instruments (TI) mainframe systems for oil distribution companies. After some years, its expertise shifted to software development and various projects from billing system software to data communications and technology infrastructure design in the construction materials industry.

Soon, computers became smaller and more ‘personal’ – still very expensive and the portable equivalents quite cumbersome to lug around led the company into more integration projects, involving different types of computer equipment needing to share data between them. The era of computer networks was starting to gear up! By the early 1990’s, PC’s were beginning to gain popularity and created a need for different skill sets especially as the demand for computer service was increasing. The goal set forth was to always be a company concentrating on the needs and satisfaction of its customers because without the loyal customers, there is no company.

Service Engineering, under the leadership of Bill Callahan, Jr, underwent many changes, including dedicated technical groups for software support, networking technologies and management, and the eventual creation of an in-house cabling department.

Through various name changes and partnerships, the company eventually became what it is known as today, Centrix Systems.

Today, we are still adapting to an ever changing technical landscape – continually training and keeping up on new solutions that can better our offerings to our customers and allow us to continue being the best of the best in our service industry.

Our customers, some for many many years and others brand new, are the most important asset that we have – and we thank you for making everyday a new adventure and giving us an opportunity to make some of your most challenging days a little easier.

Our Clients

Present and Past Customers of Centrix Systems.