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Who would have ever thought we would get to this point where we are fighting computer viruses and trying so hard to keep bad things out of our computers? Hackers, worm viruses, BOTS are just a few of today’s horrific realties that are not selective in which networks and computer systems they attack. Even us, an accomplished company in fighting this fight, will be the first to admit that it is an ongoing battle which can easily be lost unless the proper tools and preventative software is installed and configured correctly.

There are so many options when choosing virus protection. Within 2 minutes searching online or at your local computer retail store, you will find countless options. Which is the best? Which one won’t let you down when the going gets tough?

After extensive field testing and careful benchmarking, we proudly choose ‘VIPRE’ by ThreatTrack Security, the most effective virus/malware detection and removal software on the market today. ThreatTrack, formerly Sunbelt Software, has invested heavily in research labs which analyze hundreds and thousands of potential virus signatures on a daily basis!

Whether it be the flawless satisfaction track record, small footprint size, real time signature update availability, or effectiveness of curing and/or quarantining suspect/infected files, VIPRE has allowed us to incorporate first class virus and malware protective solutions for our customers.

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