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Cyber Threat Assessments Unveil Network Security Vulnerabilities

A cyber threat assessment is a critical step in cyber security, and Centrix Systems can help you to prepare. Preparing for cyber threats before they affect your business is the first step to better cyber security.

Centrix Systems understands that cyber threats involve much more than just software vulnerabilities — we know that there are people behind those attacks. Hackers, terrorist groups and foreign governments all pose potential cyber risks to organizations like yours every day. Identifying cyber risk factors, such as network vulnerabilities or human error, requires an evaluation of many different types of advanced data sources and analytics technologies including user behavior analysis (UBA), big data and machine learning algorithms and statistical modeling techniques (e.g., clustering).

Centrix Systems’ cyber threat assessment services are designed to identify cyber risks and provide the insights you need to better protect your organization. With our cyber threat assessment services, we help you address cyber security issues including:

  • Network vulnerabilities
  • Data breach preparation
  • User behavior analysis (UBA) and network behavioral analysis (NBA)
  • Penetration testing

cyber security threat assessment

Cyber Threat Assessment Service: Three-Phase Process

Our cyber threat assessment service includes a three-phase process that uses an advanced combination of cyber threat discovery techniques that can be used throughout your entire IT infrastructure.

Phase 1: Cyber Risk Discovery

The first phase of this service involves cyber risk discovery through the use of big data analytics, machine learning algorithms, and statistical modeling techniques. This phase helps us discover more cyber threats than traditional systems alone so you can better protect against cyber attacks.

Phase 2: Cyber Risk Validation

The second phase is cyber risk validation, where our cyber security experts thoroughly validate each cyber threat that was discovered in the first phase to determine which are valid cyber risks to your organization. This helps you prioritize any actionable steps needed to mitigate cyber threats.

Phase 3: Mitigation Plan Implementation

The third and final phase of our cyber threat assessment service involves implementing mitigation plans for any cyber risk factors that were validated in the second phase. These mitigating actions can involve anything from altering user privileges or updating policies to addressing specific vulnerabilities or changing firewall rules. Our cyber threat assessment services include reporting on all phases so you have an accurate picture of your current cyber security status and insight that can help you proactively address weaknesses before they turn into costly data breaches, lost productivity, or cyber-attacks.

If you are serious about cyber security, contact Centrix Systems today to schedule a cyber threat assessment . We will work with you to identify cyber risks that may exist in your organization and provide an actionable plan for mitigating them.

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