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An ever increasing number of companies use computer networks extensively, saving important documents and data files all day – everyday. Backing up these files is a crucial component of a well designed system. When things don’t go your way, do you have a Backup Plan? We recommend Barracuda Networks Backup Solutions.

The BEST solution for prevention of data loss is automatic backups.

Everybody talks about it, everybody needs to do it, but how protected is your data? Are you still backing your important data onto tape or have you moved to optical or USB attached storage? Whatever the solution, we have some options that not only will give you peace of mind that your data is being backed up, easy to restore if needed, but also aids in the all important ‘disaster recovery plan’ that many organizations are in dire need of establishing. We are not in the days where this is as optional as it once was and it is certainly not only a concern for the big companies with hundreds of employees or multiple offices. This is something that all companies need to work on. Computers and data have become part of the foundation of most any business. We rely on our network systems to be functioning, email to be flowing, and internet connections to be reliable enough to serve customers and the daily requirements of doing business.

Take a minute and ask youself, do you know that if a disaster struck, that your business could ‘electronically survive’? That the data you have cumulated over the years will still be there when putting things back together? Nobody likes to think of these occurances and will hopefully never happen, but your business’s data is too important to answer any of these questions with anything but a confident YES.

Remember, aside from disasters, most people regret the lack of investment in proper backups through much more common situations – such as that irreplaceable very small document or spreadsheet that was accidentally deleted and now unrecoverable.

Backup solutions is one of the core services that we like to introduce to all of our customers and prospective clients. Through our established partnership with Barracuda Networks, we have many affordable options to instill confidence that regardless of what happens, we have you covered.

Give us a call – the solution is solid, the process is simple, and the result … peace of mind.

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