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We build and manage I.T. networks for businesses.

Your network – Your requirements. We build it.

We take a unique approach to network design. Instead of just recommending the latest and greatest and the most ‘bleeding edge’ technology to anyone who needs a network or computer system upgrade, we want to know your business. All of our engineers believe it is useful time to understand not only what you need for technology, but how you use it on a day to day basis. This extra step not only builds an important level of confidence in our abilities, but it also allows us to layout an appropriate solution for YOUR needs. We understand that whether you are looking to replace one workstation or an entire infrastructure of equipment, it is an investment – our goal and commitment is to deliver an immediate tangible return on your money.

Industries We Work With...


Dispatch & Batching Systems

We are proud to have been a nationally recognized technology integrator for the Construction Materials industry. We have over 30 years of in house expertise catering to Ready Mix concrete producers, Volumetric, Aggregate, Asphalt, and Block. We have established relationships with many of the leading software and batch control vendors in the industry – From setting up your company’s network and plant communications to assisting with Dispatch software and Plant setups, nobody knows technology in Construction Materials like Centrix Systems!


Enterprise I.T. Solutions

Although these are our specialty markets, we also have a large customer base of what we refer to as ‘general industry’ – If you are a company that uses common software applications and simply has a need to incorporate new technologies or needs someone to be your IT dept, we are who you have been looking for. We staff the best of the best and have technology experience inhouse from the days of the mainframe (remember those?) to all of the modern stuff! Call or email us today and learn about what we can offer you and your business.


Dispatch and Fleet Management

There are many ‘pieces of the puzzle’ getting shipments from point A to point B. For the past several years, there have been many sources of information available to help this industry with logistical challenges, such as online rail tracking and the ability to scan and electronically store bill of lading and waybills. Bringing these technologies together and seamlessly integrating with other network services, such as email and customer website portals are just a couple examples of how Centrix Systems can help you!


Database and Inventory Systems

Centrix has taken the time to understand the complexities of network system requirements in Warehouse management. Inventory control systems, complete Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) and statistical performance data review are just a few examples of the areas in which we can help. In addition, we realize the importance of going paperless as it relates to maximizing efficiencies of the material handling process. Give us a call and we would be happy to review your existing systems or help you explore all of the many new technologies available today.


HVAC Computer Network Engineers
HVAC Network Solutions

We have heard through the years many electrical and HVAC service organizations complain that there is nobody out there to properly support their computer systems needs. Afterall, having the right software for job costing and project management are crucial to success in these competitive markets. Centrix has spent years working with various software providers to understand their underlying technical requirements. Integrating with modern technologies such as smartphones, tablets, etc are an important way to efficiently work with your field crew and deliver on customer service excellence.

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