Unlimited remote support for concrete & construction material producers

Unlimited Remote Support

Unlimited Remote Support for the Construction Materials Industry

Remote Tech Support for Construction Material Producers

At Centrix Systems, we help support computer networks for construction material producers with our unlimited remote support services, so they can stay productive.

Every business is struggling with the cost of IT consulting, but have you considered unlimited remote support? We are currently offering unlimited remote PC support to construction material manufacturers at an affordable low monthly rate!  This includes unlimited phone, email and web chat support.*

Not to mention, we are extremely well versed in the latest fleet management software and production technologies to keep our producers running at full speed.

If your company has multiple branches or satellite offices that require on-site assistance, unlimited remote consulting saves time and money ensuring minimal down time for employees while maximizing the expertise of your in-house staff.

You’re never alone with unlimited remote support from Centrix Systems! Give us a call today at 800-518-9193.

Unlimited Remote Support for Concrete Ready Mix Producers

Our unlimited remote support service is available for concrete ready mix producers of all sizes, and we’re able to provide complete coverage throughout North America. If you use or manufacture other construction materials such as block or brick, we also offer unlimited remote support services that cover those types of products.

Why Choose Centrix Systems for remote support in the Concrete Production Industry?

Our staff has been supporting the ready mix & volumetric concrete industry for over 20+ years. We are quite familiar with the industry’s leading production and fleet softwares.

Ready Mix Production Software Support:

We are quite familiar with supporting various software products such as…

  • Marcotte Systems
  • Integra (Command Alkon)
  • Jonel Concrete 360°
  • GivenHansco Keystone Products
  • COMMANDseries (Command Alkon)
  • Sysdyne Technologies
  • Five Cubits


The Benefits of Unlimited Remote Technical Support:

Unlimited remote computer support has a number of benefits for businesses in the construction material industry:

– Allows 24 x 7 x 365 access to technical resources so employees can get immediate help when they need it

– Helps ensure your company’s network is up and running so you can stay productive

– Provides unlimited backup and restore capabilities for your hard drive

– Fast problem resolution means less time spent on hold

Remote Tech Support for Aggregate Companies:

Do you operate a fleet of trucks that haul aggregate, sand or gravel? Perhaps computer technology isn’t your thing. That’s okay, because that’s our thing. We offer unlimited remote tech support for aggregate companies. You worry about delivering aggregate materials and we’ll make sure that your computer technology is up and running, so you can stay productive.

Our remote help desk is always on call for companies in the construction materials industry and aggregate hauling companies are no exception! Our knowledgeable team can diagnose any computer problems and fix them in minutes. We offer quick responses 24/7, so your business stays up-to date with what’s new across the industry while also saving time from having to handle technical issues internally or externally.

When it comes down choosing a company that provides comprehensive tech support services there are three key things we look at:

  1. How quickly do they respond? This may seem like an obvious point but sometimes people forget just how important speed of reply actually can be when working through problems remotely–especially if something has gone wrong. And when you’re in a dire situation, do you want to wait all day for someone to get back to you?
  2. How knowledgeable are they? This can be difficult if you’ve never heard of them before and so we pride ourselves on the way we work. We offer unlimited remote support for aggregate companies so that means unlimited support.
  3. How much will it cost? Every business is unique for us, so we can work to your budget and provide unlimited hosting services without breaking the bank. With unlimited technical support you’re bound to have a good experience at an affordable price.

So If You Own or Work at an Aggregate Company–Don’t Wait Another Minute to Call Now!

Unlimited Remote Tech Support for Asphalt & Paving Companies:

We offer unlimited remote help desk support for asphalt and paving companies. We have the expertise to diagnose and repair just about any computer tech issues, so you can focus on what you do best. 24/7. No matter what time it is, we’ll be there for you.


– Save time and money by outsourcing your IT needs.
– Get access to the latest technology without investing in it yourself.
– Be able to focus on what you love doing, paving asphalt!


We know construction materials technology like the back of our hand. Asphalt & paving is no exception! No matter what type of fleet or production software you’re working with, we got your back!

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